Paul’s work is a very practical, multi-disciplinary, non-religious modality that translates ancient mystical and metaphysical practices and modern psychology to guide participants through a transformative journey towards their own highest personal expression. 

Whether it be group settings or working with individuals, Paul brings through sacred & ancient traditional healing transmissions which initiate powerful transformational telepathic & energetic transmutation processes. 

His work combines the use of active living mystic prayer and advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques with sound, music, breathing exercises, invocations and healing incantations, all skilfully translated to align with modern life in a language that all can understand. These not only facilitate the release of old trauma programs and dense energy blockages, but breathe fresh pure life force back into the cells of the body, allowing us to realise and initiate the highest expression of ourselves.

In a passionate and often humorous way, Paul creates a field of resonance for us to experience a powerful detoxification process. Old cells with outdated programs simply start to fall away, leaving us feeling a new sense of freedom and fresh perspective.

Paul does not teach nor heal anyone but more so guides us to teach and heal ourselves. He does not impose any religious views onto others nor judgements about their own beliefs, but simply offers a space for each individual to come to their own conclusions in their own time with the benefit of seeing things from new and different perspectives, supported and inspired by very intelligent energies. 

The heart of the work is Paul seeing that each individual has the power to be their own healer, the knowledge to be their own teacher, and the wisdom to be their own guide. He simply lights the candle. 

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