Who is Paul Kain?

Paul is an Australian-born Clinical Hypnotherapist healer & explorer. 

He has been researching, studying & sharing the art of human performance & healing for decades around the world including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Irish Celtic Mystical Science, Japanese Bodywork, and Filipino Shamanic Healing to name a few. 


Paul's Story

“In 2009 I closed a very successful Traditional Medicine Practice, sold and gave away all my possessions, took a backpack and started traveling around the world. I was very compelled to find answers to some very big questions. One of them was how to rid myself completely of vast insurmountable physical & mental traumas once and for all. In a very short amount of time the answers found me and started to teach me much more. They were in the form of very wise & powerful teachers whom instilled in me some very unique and useful tools to not only unlock the traumas of my body & mind, but to strengthen and expand my own consciousness to the point of passing on this transformational gift.

As I continued to travel and gain deeper access to my own power I began also to push the limits further and further. From Trekking solo in the Himalayas & Arctic, isolated Contemplative training in Italy, hundreds of hours of ancient Celtic Druidic Arts in Ireland to Telepathic practices with an Espiritistas Holy Man in the Highlands of the Philippines, I gained a reputation for not only surpassing my own limitations but also inspiring others to do the same.

When I worked with people they would often want to know of my adventures and how it is I came to learn the arts I perform. After a while I decided to take people to many of these places and show them first hand, to introduce them face to face to similar places, energies, experiences that honed me into what I am today. The expeditions are simply efficient and practical for me to positively affect as many folks lives as I can in the time I have”.

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