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Northern Rivers - Internal Alchemy and Living Invocational Prayer

  • Byron Bay, NSW Australia (map)

What is delivered in this workshop

DETOXIFICATION- stories we tell ourselves and others are mapped not only in our eyes and on our faces as everyone knows but also throughout the body. What comes to mind comes to the body and vice versa. Through a variety of techniques Paul’s work draws out the stories to the surface and guides each person in their own self empowered way to release themselves from thee contracts with them. Often this is experienced as a breathe of fresh air through peoples entire mind and body leaving a more resolute focused and attentive communicative being.

INTIMACY, EMBODIMENT & POLARITY- From Paul perspective everything is sacred, we are all embodied and everything has a Masculine and a feminine quality to it. What is emphasised is this work uniting of polarities, the joining of seemingly opposing forces and the deletion of the illusion of separation which inevitably connects us more deeply into our our bodies . Through deep personal inquiry and internal cleansing techniques participants can form new vital communications with their own bodies and inner integrity so that communicating intimately with another can expressed more from an embodied state of having first made that connection to ones own self. i.e. re-establishing a connection to various stuck parts of the body assists people to communicate across a wider spectrum of themselves resulting in more passionate and un bridled intimacy and lovemaking. 

NOTHING IS TAUGHT/ UNLEARNING - Paul’smodel of “nothing is taught” can also be called “unlearning” facilitation literally is that. It comes from the premise that everyone already has all the tools of knowledge and wisdom within themselves to discover their own effortless reality. Through the art of ‘taking away’ and ‘letting go “ of old mind sets , negative belief systems, out dated rituals, habits, traditions and dogmatic practises andsocio- cultural- gender conditioning participants are more likely to realise their own truth.