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Internal Alchemy & Living Invocational Prayer

This is a 2 day workshop event held in Byron Bay, Australia.

11/03/2017 12 noon till 6pm
12/03/2017 12 noon till 6pm

You may attend as a single or couple.

You may attend just one day. It is preferred you attend both days for consistency and a deeper experience.

In this workshop you will receive powerful & subtle transmissions that will detoxify & cleanse the body at a deep cellular level, release limitations of mind and reveal a truer more authentic clarity. This is an introductory workshop for some and a continuance of deep personal connection for others.

This workshop is suited for willing open minds with and a strong sense of self responsibility. And those whom wish to feel what is beyond the veil, past limiting conditions, old mind sets, negative belief systems, socio cultural gender conditioning and more. Suited to anyone whom is wanting to experience deep connection to self and prepared for the journey.

There is no 'thing' taught in this workshop, it is a revealing of what is already there, a being that is self teaching and self directing. Therefore there is nothing to train or prep for, however recommendations may be posted to enhance your experience.

Guidelines: 21yrs old and above. It is suggested not to drink alcohol or use any recreational substances at least 24hrs prior and at least 2 weeks after to event as a strong detoxification and cleansing process can be experienced.

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"Hands down best trip of my life".

Jake. Australia

“I have posted in the past all the amazing things I have achieved working with this awesome being!! and I vouch for him - Paul has an authentic presence and commitment to what he does and his ability to hold a strong container is through the roof. I have learnt and gained so much, every day I am grateful to have met him. So much has positively changed for me (and still is!), that it's wonderful to see others benefiting from his work too. Please get in touch with him asap, if you feel called to go. This is where the REAL stuff of healing and change happens

Sarah. Melbourne

"This man is a genuine healer and has helped me on my path and engrained in me the power I have to live my life however I wish."

Jake . Melbourne

"This is where the REAL stuff of healing and change happens"

P. Australia

“ I don’t know how he (Paul Kain) did it, or what it is he really does?…but being in that room with him I went through a big detox and healing. I started dreaming every nite afterwards and my partner told me i was noticeably cool”.

David. Brisbane.

“ I cant work out exactly what he does but I know definitely what the outcome for me was. Through deep inquiry and going into a sort of dream state i was able to see really clearly like a movie my limitations, then i somehow had the skills to let them go and then I able to laugh and be joyful straight after.”

Michelle. Melbourne.

“I want more…lots more…all of it”

Rachel. Byron Bay

“What Paul can do with a group + crazy music+ presence + humour is stellar. I would recommend everyone to go to these workshops. Each time I go i have a massive detox in my body and a week later Im feeling totally reborn…the cost of his work is nothing for what he is providing. What i enjoy the most (besides the massive positive outcomes!!!) is that Paul doesn’t preach’n’ teach. He gives me permission and authority over my own destiny, my own body, my own choices and life.”

Amanda. Gold Coast.

“… can only be described as the biggest turning point in my life to date. I won’t be able to describe the value of Paul’s work enough .. Its like showing you a photo of the Grand Canyon.. Just won’t do it justice. For those of you that are always delving into personal growth and self work, this is the apex.. They say that experience is the best teacher and Paul’s life makes the ‘Batman Origins’ story seem boring. So its fair to say that if your after a transformative journey to reach new heights in your own personal expression, then Paul is someone you want to spend as much time with as possible”.

Andrew .Melbourne

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