Paul's Expeditions are specifically designed to take people on a journey with a purpose outside of their normal comfort zones to places of high spiritual, cultural, or ecological significance to participate in deep internal transformational practices to better themselves practically and efficiently.  

Each destination is meticulously selected for its unique character and resonance, to inspire and support participants to become the best they can be. In these enhanced environments Paul leads the group through profound and deep transformative group processes, while introducing powerful and unique healing transmissions & telepathic transmutation processes to rapidly awaken and change limiting belief systems/ old mind sets/ negative socio-cultural-gender conditioning/ injury illness & disease at the core cellular level. 


Expedition? Sounds very physical. Is it like outdoor trekking and stuff?

The definition of Expedition: A journey with specific purpose.  

Most of the journeys involve traversing through the internal landscape of participants' own psyche with highly experienced specialist guidance and the necessary resources for the most practical & efficient outcome. There are some specialist expeditions that have much more physical components designed to push participants to their limits. These more specialised expeditions are inspired by Paul’s own solo outdoors adventures. 


Who typically comes on these expeditions?

All types from all walks of life. Generally those who have a strong desire to overcome limitations, want long-lasting results, are prepared to take on self-responsibility and work hard to gain the best results with the specialist guidance support and resources provided along the journey. 



The Philippines expeditions are a unique and specialised journey indeed, as Paul’s groups travel to Baguio City in the highlands of Luzon Island to meet his remarkable Teacher the Reverend Jun Labo. Master Jun, an Espiritistas Holy man, is one of the most highly gifted psychic masters of our time, known worldwide for his mind-blowing skills in the ancient healing phenomena known as Psychic Surgery. Groups are not only guided daily through Paul's work but also given powerful transmissions of healing energy through Paul sent from Jun. And of course, all participants experience the astounding hands-on work that Jun performs. These expeditions are for a limited time only as Paul gives selected individuals direct access to one of the incredible sources of his own skill set. Most participants of past expeditions book straight back in to go again, thus spots are very limited.

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